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Yaziel Puig currently has singlehandedly been breathing life in towards lethargic Dodgers. He already been on a batting duplicate. The Diamondbacks pitcher singled him out, threw at him and he was hit in the nose. Fortunately, a tragedy did not result, but Minnesota vikings jerseys a brawl erupted.

Today’s observations are partly rather personal and partly just watching the scene around everybody. As usual I was using a left field berm your scoreboard (under the clock, to be specific). I saw many friends I’ve not seen since last year at Spring Training, as a result was great to obtain them again. Some of these friends come from the Phoenix area, some from Iowa and some even from Connecticut, to name a few. I also saw several friends because of the bleachers at Wrigley. Condolences were conveyed to me by my Chicago friends who, knew about my father’s passing the morning after the second playoff game loss in October.